Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event that you need to make a complaint please e-mail

Your complaint will be handled as follows:


In the event of a customer complaint, investigation, corrective action and improvement shall be undertaken. All customer complaints shall be:

  • Treated seriously whether they are made by telephone, e-mail or letter
  • Dealt with confidentially
  • Recorded and actions taken in a timely manner (taking into consideration the urgency/seriousness of the complaint)


To ensure we address complaints about our:

  • Standards of service
  • Staff behaviour
  • Action or lack of action that has adversely affected the complainant


Upon receipt of a complaint a 'Customer Complaint Action Report' will be generated along with a unique CCAR report number.

Initial investigations will be undertaken to assess the validity of the complaint & decide who within Control Point will be responsible for the investigation.

The CCAR form will be completed by the person taking responsibility detailing all required Improvements & Corrective Actions. A copy of the report will be retained on file.

Control Point Complaints Procedure